The Condemned Man

african male lionth

The ampitheater was filled with a howling mob screaming to see the hapless prisoner torn to pieces.  A great lion in his cage roared loudly with rage and hunger.

Soon the condemned man, weaponless and stripped of clothing, was led into the arena.

The door to the lions cage flung open and the huge, fierce lion sprang out.  He gave a big roar to the amusement of the crowd, then headed straight for the victim.

The big cat crouched for a killing leap.

Instead of cowering or trying to flee, the prisoner walked slowly towards the lion.
He stooped over and appeared to whisper something in the lion's ear.

Instantly the lion turned, tucked his tail between his legs, ran back to his cage and pulled the door shut.

The crowd boo'd in disappointment but the King raised his hand to silence the mob.

"I declare this prisoner innocent and free of all charges, on one condition, the prisoner must reveal what he said to the lion."

"It was nothing," said the prisoner. "I merely mentioned to the beast that after the banquet he was expected to say a few words to the crowd."