Evolution and future of Mankind through Time Machine Travelfinal evolutionth

The evolution of Mankind from the sludge and slime:

  • crawling animals,
  • apes,
  • cavemen
  • modern generic

As we advance from ancestral drudgery of water-fetching, rug-beating, club welding, knife-throwing

and sword play into modern-day conveniences; vacuum cleaners, dish-washers, microwaves,

ready-to-eat meals, all enjoyed from the comfort of the rocker-recliner in front of the big-screen

TV, we press imaginary buttons to send bombs on the imaginary enemy while enjoying

Star Wars radar-rayguns, robot cyborgs and dreaming of powerful implants and effortless space travel.


Factions divide through culinary delights.

  • Carnivores: Meat eaters. Can survive solely on consumption of raw flesh
  • Omnivores: Enjoy range of food fare from meat to insects to plant material
  • Herbivores: Can consume and digest only plant matter, applies to Vegetarians, Vegans
  • Synthetic: Artificial. As science "progresses" Borg-like, artificial supplements will be necessary


hungry, blood thirsty, hunters of prey, tearers and renders of flesh, occupy the apex of the food pyramid

  • Generally produce the fewest offspring of the animal kingdom
  • Must kill in order to eat
  • Lays claim to territory
  • Get booed in televised animal chases
  • Become exotic pets
  • Provide red necks their grand final moments


  • Eat everything not locked up


  • Vegetarians - skirt the rules, say things about eating things with faces and cheese.
  • Vegans - vegetables, tubers, legumes, grains and fruits, have really skinny arms

Global Warming, Climate Change

Increases in Earth's temperature leads to increases in humidity, vegetation, water levels and an entire kitchen sink-load of woes for Mankind in general.

What to do

  • Restrict
  • Ban
  • Censor
  • Imprison
  • Shun
  • Scold

All excellent choices, yet...

Vegetation Increases

Along with rising heat comes ferocious storms and driving rains to melt all the ice and turn the planet into a steaming atrarium filled with jungles of vegetation and gazillions of new insect life. Omnivores...

What's the solution?

Ban cow farts

Ban pollution-producin crops & civestock

Make meat expensive, shame, shun meat eaters

  • Price food out of the reach of the average hoi poloi
  • great unwashed eat yeast-free, gluton-free, low-calorie, no-sugar, no-salt, nutrition bars
  • formed by the very machines which put the them into the poor house.
  • Future kitchenettes to feature food molds of happy-face cows, pig and chickens in which to press protein mixes for Thanksgiving
  • Dissolvable tableware, hopefully not before you finish dinner

Our Skulls Evolve to Suit Diet

the jaw tells the tale of the wearer.

The carnivore carns with voracious abandon upon the carcasses of herb eating herbivore, carnivores and omnivore alike.

  • Carnivore: survives on meat, warm, pure, fresh, raw and bloody.


  • Herbivores: eats plants, trees, algae, fungus, leaves, flowers...

    Cat, Owl Carnivores possess:

    • Piercing eyes: placement of which in face front for optimum depth perception.
    • Teeth: Sharp for biting tearing
    • Beaks and claws to rend flesh from bone
    • Jaws: strong to crush bones and consume nutritious bone marrow

    Herbivores are:

  • Big Ears -
  • Eyes to the side for panoramic viewpoints
  • Jaws teeth grinding seeds and grains into the consistency of run of the mill cow-patties and rabbit pellets.
  • Future Ratio Mankind Carnivore vs Herbivore

    As vegetarianism and fruitivores thrive in cities and all wildlife sanctuaried

    Carnivores, scavengers retreat underground and form communities for safety in numbers

    eventually construct tunnels for surface hunting opportunities

    Future MankindThe Future Humans

    • Morlocks: Tunnel-cave dwelling humanoid carnivores - ape-like troglodytes live in darkness underground.
    • Eloi: result of Mankind's technological triumph over nature. Do no work, live in advanced but deteriorating buildings, feed upon fruits and vegetables

    As documented by none other than time traveler H. G. Wells,

    the final battle takes place between the Herbivores (Eloi) and Carnivores Morlock) who hunt Eloi at night by secreted into Eloi community through a vast underground tunnel network.

    That would be it except for the...

    Deleted Text Chapter

    The Grey Man

    The omnivore, the scavenger, the forgotten species



    • Eat everything - goes for second helpings
    • Big, medium and small ears
    • Eyes front
    • Sharp and dull teeth
    • Supurb sense of smell

    The Grey Man.

    Fast forward another million years, the Time Traveler describes

    as furry, hopping herbivores resembling small kangaroos but with the head and hair of a Skye Terrier dog.


    • friendly Dodo
    • furry
    • small
    • eats everything
    • ravels in vast herd-like communities

    the traveler kill it with a rock

    Enter insect predator


    • Eats everyone
    • 30 feet long or more
    • a multitude of feet
    • The End
    • Future Devolution Mankind
    • The Omnivore: the Grey Man..vs the Insect herbivore
    • Giant 30 foot long centipede will rule the earth.
    • Maybe we'll get some dinosaurs.


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