Analyzing the Good Stuff

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Table Topic Theme for the Meeting

As it Applies to You




Instructions: In each column below (or on the Venn chart above), draw a circle around a synonym and genre that best describe the your Impression(s) of Theme of the Day: Good Stuff

Synonym Synonym Category
Acceptable Gear Food Drink
Excellent Equipment Travel Vacations
Exceptional Goods Arts Music
Favorable Junk Shopping
Great Substance Sports
Marvelous Things Charity Philanthropy
Positive Being Scents Odors
Satisfactory Effects Comedy
Satisfying Individual Life Relationships
Superb Kit Faith
Valuable Luggage Holiday
Wonderful Objects Hobby Avocation

Table Topic Questions:

Prior to Table Topics, perhaps in substitution to the educational minute, hand out Venn chart page (above) to everyone in the meeting.

Request each person circle or select one word in each of the three columns or on the graphic itself. Have all copies returned to person in charge of Table Topics.

During Table Topics session, select pages at random. Ask Table Topic question based upon the circled category. Request the speaker include both synonyms selected or circled on the page in their response.


  • Category: Life and/or Relationships
  • Question: The best life has to offer happens when...
  • Request: speaker include in their response both synonyms:
    • Exceptional and Objects

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Participants may select synonyms and categories from the either the columns or Venn graphic:

Print questions page and separate all 13 questions into individual strips. For expediency sake, fold the names of categories can be easily seen and selected.

Go through the responses to select the most interesting combinations and to eliminate duplicate categories.

Category Questions

  • Food Drink Food or drink is merriest when...
  • Travel Vacations What I love most about traveling on vacation...
  • Music Music is medicine when
  • Arts Great art or music begins when...
  • Shopping When I go shopping...
  • Sports Sports is best when...
  • Charity Philanthropy Charity, Philanthropy begins at...
  • Scents Odors My senses come alive when...
  • Comedy Comedy is funniest when...
  • Life Relationships The best life has to offer happens when...
  • Faith My faith requires...
  • Holiday I look forward to holidays because...
  • Hobby Avocation A hobby become an avocation when...


By Pat Kelley 11/2018