What Shape are You

(pdf version What Shape are You)

Visual Table Topics

Print and cut out shape squares.

Place shapes in a paper bag or basket. Do not identify any shape as round, heart, splat, etc. Allow speaker to define the shape.

  • Allow Table Topics speaker to draw one shape out of the bag or basket.


  • Spread the all shapes out on a table and let the Table Topics speaker select a shape or color.
  • Use your imagination or discretion to display the shapes

Ask the table Topics speaker to:

  • Select a shape and explain why it appeals to you
  • Explain how the shape might describe your personality
  • Would you recommend this shape to others
  • What shape best describes you the day after the night before?
  • Can you describe this shape without using its name?
  • What scent do you imagine this shape may emit?
  • Can you list 6 things similar to this shape?
  • How could this shape make the world a better place?